Anglea's feedback

Long after a line up, Angela sent me this email. What I spoke to those in our queue cluster about, at this moment, was what I call a kind of ‘competitive positivity’ that I found myself immersed in having dropped into Sydney again. A kind of well-being one-up-manship, contrasted swiftly with being so long in Glasgow, where the conversational currency is more about including the dark AND the light- two ends of the one stick we could call Life. The surface level of Sydney, something so attractive because it also houses such a possibility of healthy heart, mind and body – was touched on in the poem that followed:

Renovate your child
Take good care of your kitchen
Stay within the sun-struck bind
of your beached, bleached smile.
Our art is still-born
you can hear a coin drop in here
Shhhh. Don’t discuss it. Don’t.
This is Bliss, This – this blinding, peaking ocean
Our lucky sneakers
My quality of wifestyle