“Once upon a time…

I don’t have time!”

In The Land of Lounge Room a recovering, love-struck, sleep-deprived new mum is bouncing on a Pilates ball desperate to soothe her baby, so she can finish her sentence and tell you this tale of many sisters.

Unable to reach Ophelia, her sister wrestling with a cataract on what Shakespeare calls the ‘mind’s eye’, she attempts to ‘stay on the ball’, Though This Be Madness, stitches together a fractured fiction told through poetry and performance.

Wondering what delusions we might all share, it questions the silent war many of us are waging – with little ones, with loss or with prams that don’t fold easily.

How can we nurture our collective sanity?

Feedback from audience members (see About for press/critical acclaim) :

“There were so many points of traction and heart-opening in your performance, more than I can sum up here, but the main one I’m pondering is around “LOIP”…(Loved Ones in Pain)…Thank you for making this kind of pain and process visible, I really appreciate it, and want you to know how important this work is. With gratitude.”
Audience member, Dumfries & Galloway

“I really appreciated having something cultural to go to which was aimed at us parents but accommodated our babies- it’s depressingly rare!”
– Audience member, Edinburgh

“Basically it was about my life… the insight in that show was amazing… for somebody who has seen both sides, as a worker and as a patient, I think that was the most honest, actually complimentary almost, portrayal of mental health I’ve ever seen. I don’t know Skye’s background, I don’t know if she has actually been locked up with her rights removed, ahhhhm but if she hasn’t, respect to her because I don’t know anybody who could write something like that who hasn’t actually seen it from the inside.”
– Audience member, Dumfries & Galloway

  • I’ve found a friend
  • “Very moving and I don’t have a child.”
  • “incredible performance. Realistic, humorous and poignant”
  • “very funny and sad”
  • “humorous. Light dark and deep. I related”
  • “Felt like a state like being a caught ball… gripping”
  • “confronting and strange in an engaging way.”
  • “could watch all day. Absolutely brilliant in such a unique way.”
Creative Scotland

Though This Be Madness should have toured Scotland as part of SMHAF in 2020 but due to the Covid-19 pandemic this wasn’t possible.

As a theatre show set in a lounge room, Though This Be Madness features a recovering mum who is attempting to tell you many tales of sisterhood struggles with mental health. When everything went online, SMHAF supported an experimental re-framing to see how it could be shared in other lounge rooms. You can see these here.

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