A farcical piece set in a bar, where drinking makes us thirsty, about a struggle for mutual respect when belief systems clash.

What is an Umbrella to one is a Billow to another…

When Hamill arrives at the bar and raises his Billow, Abbie thinks her date has finally arrived. But Yvonne, seated in a corner to celebrate with her fellow Superstitionists, must see to it that this umbrella is lowered, for there to be peace in this world. For us all to get along. Clearly Hamill can’t do that, this Billow is his prayer. Clearly Abbie must find her partner… somewhere in all this mess.

Written / directed by Skye Loneragan

Rehearsed reading:
Tamarama Rock Surfers, Bondi Pavilion, 2010.
Traverse Theatre Wildfire.
On the Verge, Playwrights Studio Scotland and the RSAMD students, at The Arches, 2010.
Work-in-progress, 20 min performance of a much larger play.