A perfromance / and installation: Plucked of Purpose questions the value of tying who we are to what we do, what we have and what we’ve been through, in the context of climate change. The piece toys with juxtaposition – between the narrative we hear and the one we see, exploring our global consciousness through one of our creations- the plastic bag…linking our striving to fulfil ourselves with landfill.

The piece uses the discarded plastic bag (‘P.B’) to playfully create an analogy with our own efforts, our own plight to find fulfilment in our actions, our achievements and our acquisitions. It questions what emptiness within may propel us to seek our sense of self in our purpose, despite being blown about the place, despite many factors that feel out of our control…. determined to ‘get somewhere’.

Crack Theatre Festival, 2012
This Is Not Art Festival, Newcastle,
Arches Live, Glasgow 2010