A very short play about a depression

HE and SHE are in consultation with each other.

He is the doctor. She is –  patient.

He tries to help her.  She tries too –  to pull those socks up, get on with things, even popping a prescription for good measure. He measures her progress.

He is her lover. He is doing everything he can. He tries to put a stop to it. She stops. She is tired. He wonders whether to wake her. Yet again.

Staying Awake for You is an absurd and comic play in three parts exploring the frustrations and misunderstanding surrounding depression, and one couple’s attempt to cope with its effects on their relationship and hold it all together.

Written / directed by Skye Loneragan

The NewWriting NewWorlds Festival, Glasgow, 2007.
Rehearsed reading performed at The Griffin Theatre, Sydney, 2005.
Performed by Flesh Pot Theatre, London.