The POET & POETRY in  places & spaces of WAITING – QUEUES.

(Akshayee Shetty designed this ‘logo’ above)

All of it hinges on the arousal of curiosity. Q-poetics does not impose a performance, a poet or a poem on those lining up to pay, purchase or pass…but works to arouse curiosity and weave dialogues through those lines in which we so often lose the will to live.

Q-Poetics aims to reduce queue-induced stress through this arousal of curiosity. Curiosity as a kind of currency- both in terms of value and exchange.

I find the Waiting Place fascinating, and am often joining the tail end of a human-winding ‘WAIT HERE’ condition with fantasies about what I would do, could do, right now – to bring the moment we all share in this place or this space to NOW. It is that shared, sometimes tense, sometimes bored, sometimes impatient, sometimes excited, sometimes desperate, sometimes sighing silence in which our purpose is stalled..I’m also intrigued  by what our SENSE OF PURPOSE has to do with our SENSE OF SELF… (see the show Plucked of Purpose- the Adventures of P.B  –  which links this idea of purpose to climate change – linking our need to fulfill ourselves with landfill).