A part-written, part-devised piece, the play explores aspects of the same grounded, jobless pilot who seeks to soothe an unquenchable thirst, a lost purpose, a broken heart, finding themselves stuck in a queue when they just want to fly…remembering the little laugh they once found when stranded in the desert. The life lessons in the book are drawn for us, through projection and chalk, each pilot attempting to make themselves understood, to make us see that the boa constrictor swallowing an elephant, (as is drawn in the book) is not just a hat.

Rehearsed from sketches/storyboards

“A gentle exploration of the sadness and absurdity of human life, seen from a child-like point of view… full of brilliant fragments.”
– Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, 2005

“Madcap whilmsicality…”
– Neil Cooper, The Herald

“Saint-Exupery was, among other things, a pilot and…the piece opens with the four helmet-clad members of a Group for the Non-Specifically Dissatisfied…an off-beat, Woody Allen-esque contemplation of modern life.”
– Mark Brown, Sunday Herald

The Arches Young Directors Awards