Actor using the queue barrier tape as a noose, stooped and at end of their tether

Still from stage play ‘A Little Laugh I Lost Somewhere’

It’s hard, being an adult,
when you can’t use your crayons –
you find yourself in a queue, and then that’s you- busy, bored
waiting for the form, the list or the money to be stored
lining up to Pay, Purchase or Pass
and Oh, what a farce! This silent, do-bitten order
can curl your spine, steal your time
 shift your weight, make you late,
force you to be-friend a ceiling
against your will: ‘Oh, look, it’s peeling’
lead you to despair while you wait to undergo surgery,
book a chair, send a letter or silently dare to comply.
just stick to ducking the barriers 
while you can 
 this line will become a noose, 
swallowing every sense of worth
because there are soooo many queues on Earth
    you can see it from above.
You Are Here. Here You Are. 
I don’t have any red 
for the dot   
(story of my life – 
it happens a lot…)

Extract from THE LINE WE DRAW- stage show in verse using projection drawn live about the line we draw between ages and artforms….