The woman you hear was a warm voice to edge past in all the crowds and traffic congestion, the re-direction and the road blocks. She was tirelessly welcoming people,

“Hello and welcome to Glasgow!

And if you’re not from Glasgow, thanks for having us, for putting up with us”

I thanked her with a little tiny piece of poetry, and you’ll hear people passing and saying hi or a squeak of celebration.

Tawona pointed out too, that it is not up to the host to decide that they are the most welcoming city. It is up to the guests, and those that are visiting – or those that live here and haven’t always been welcome.

There is a cause uniting people- getting games traffic through, putting on a decent show in the face of  some international attention and I feel folk are stepping across dividing lines a little more. Though it is hard to step across anything really with so many road blocks.

It was flotilla day, the ships were reportedly rolling any moment,  so the eyes were gazing out across the Clyde. We caught up with those waiting on the bridge.

The Riverside was flowing in usual fashion -huge crowds but rarely a long line up to work within, and folk taking a break to sit and sip. We kept clear of the security barriers as requested, so the critical tension points were again out of our reach. It is remarkable though what a little bit of dialogue does to crack open a creative quest. You really can feel the butterfly wing begin to softly shake the Earth.