Kims lighter email

That poetry is WORK. That we must always believe in the link between creativity and value. That there is worth in this kind of work, that there is a direct link between the imagination and the quality of our experience, and in the wealth we create. The health we make. Creativity and profitability, how the two are actually entwined. That they are not separate. That there are lines out there in which we lose the will to live – that people will buy the WHY and not the WHAT. And in this kind of dialogue, the WHY is a poetry capsule swallowed whilst looking ahead, waiting to pay, purchase or pass. And the capsule has little bits of meaning in it, and meaning makes for motivation. And moving on.

Kim's Permission - valuable work

Again, this concept of value- of valuable work linked to creativity. Not long now till we can link creativity and profitability in Education? And in our own value system? Not long now till we can forge a way through our strife using our imagination and it need not be instead of, or alongside, or beside, or because of, work. What is worth waiting for? What are we waiting for? What worth can we wind into waiting? 

Swathes of sea rolling in like tiny snow-capped mountains
Dusted by sun to spread glacial and disappear
a young avalanche dies quickly on the rocks
throwing all its arms in the air
before falling back into love
this blinding, peaking