Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport – sans line up


Stuck in Departures due to Volcanic ash falling over Europe- the snow outside, the swarm of us inside, camped out now in a waiting area, splayed all over each other, each of us with our own baggage.

I find it hard to grasp how we can  be a grain of sand, insignificant, and yet important – at the same time.  That we are scattered like this in fractional millions but can still get in someone’s eye. How together, we can bury a whole planet, but apart – we can’t even be seen.

Ah…….there’s a always a screen to stare at….

Inspiring gateways are easier than you think

This poster can make your life happier than any other in Departures.

Experience. You can’t buy it but you can bank on it.

Safety in numbers.

we’ve all got a lot of baggage here.