Solo performance.

With all the focus on avoiding ageing, illness and pain, where is all the youth, health and pleasure?

Quirky show about a hypochondriac whose right thumb won’t stop twitching.

Fascinated by a popular expectation of 100% health and having to budget for supplements to achieve well being, this piece is a comic take on a neurotic citizen who has quit smoking. Again.

Smuggling herself and a packet of cigarettes past a ‘Relaxapark’ reception in a box marked FRAGILE, bumping against a brick wall to the climax of the swelling chorus of Carmina Burana, this is an absurd take on how one young woman’s anxieties about health has swallowed so much of the very thing she wants to promote.

“Critic’s Choice… Festival of New Scottish Theatre.”
– Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, 2002

“Lots of gutsy laughter and giggles indicated an immediate liking for Skye Loneragan’s My Right Thumb….…Loneragan writes snappy pay-offsand has a colourful, and cheerfully graphic turn of phrase…”
– Mary Brennan, The Herald

Premiered at The Arches Theatre, 2002.