slide used to pitch project to philanthropists once-upon-a-time

Snapshot of a slide in the presentation @ Sydney’s VIVID- for the Awesome Foundation Soup

The Awesome Foundation invited Q-poetics and four other projects to pitch for philanthropy funding at their Awesome Foundation Soup – as part of Sydney’s VIVD festival.

I was requested to stick together a powerpoint presentation, asking for funds to kick start the quest.

gesturing wildly the benefits of queue-induced poetry - reeling out a few Dr Seuss quotes

gesturing wildly the benefits                                         of  curiosity arousal

Sitting there at the table of inspiring start-ups and fascinating entrepreneurs, I felt keenly that horror of competition: I’ve no qualms about getting up and sharing my work, but how can anyone compare a quest to gather the workers of Sydney together to blow bubbles one lunchtime, with a design store that sells pirate peanut butter, with poets and poems in the lines in which we lose the will to live?

And I genuinely believe in the links between creativity and profitability, but proving this just isn’t possible with PowerPoint.