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Last year for the Scottish Mental Health and Arts Festival, I wrote and performed Though This Be Madness….a play that toys with an attempt to tell you a story through the frame of sleep-deprived motherhood.


“Once upon a time…

I don’t have time”

There’s poetry in it. Which is why I feel justified posting it here, but I keep wondering what I should blog this post for, when the site was started as a response to working within the queue community in particular. Things have widened up since, and the poems work their way into performances, films, plays, the skin on my coffee and my to-do-list…

off topic.


Though This Be Madness is more like a collection of tales, snippets of nap-time story told in a fractured format, whilst a recovering mum is attempting to soothe her wee one that won’t sleep lying down..on a bounce ball. It is a story about sisterhood. And as is true of the idea of writing about the Titanic while you’re on it, (you just have gargle salt and sing out, soaked), performing it keeps re-surfacing as I bob along the early years of parenting. Most recently, Glasgow’s The Platform, and I think I know where it will turn up next. The piece toys with the ridiculous notion of Staying On the Ball….I get to deflate mine at the end.