Passionate about curiosity as a kind of currency, both in terms of value and exchange, Skye Loneragan is an award-winning writer/performer whose work spans theatre, poetry and live art.

Her first solo work Cracked, (directed by Zinnie Harris), won an Edinburgh Fringe First, her 7th and most recent, (Though This Be Madness) is currently Covid-paused, a live show touring with (and originally premiering with) SMHAF, thanks to support from Creative Scotland. She has now made this into Though This Be (online) Madness!!!! thanks to the Scottish Mental Health & Arts Festival. Solo pieces include The Line We Draw (what is the line we draw between ages and artforms?- Flint & Pitch at Scottish Storytellers Centre, Subtlenuance Theatre Sydney, following The Arches), This Impossible Rim (as Wigtown Book Festival’s 2016 writer-in-residence), Unsex Me Here (‘What has the Raised Calf got to do with getting somewhere?’ – The Pleasance, following The Arches) & Plucked of Purpose – the Adventures of PB (‘how does our striving to fulfill ourselves link to landfill?’ – Crack Theatre festival, Aust, following The Arches Glasgow).

As Artistic Director for Toonspeak Young Peoples Theatre, Skye directed the Creative Scotland-funded, site-specific young-artist led works, ‘Lost & Found’ (Whisky Bond) and ‘Seven Signs’ (Merchant City, Glasgow) – devising with a cast of more than 30, 11-25yr olds and created the spoken word project,Word of Mouth which focuses on young writer/performers. Devised work includes directing Ignite Theatre’s Under Pressure with children of refugees, with Edinburgh’s Whale Arts and A Little Laugh I Lost Somewhere (Arches Theatre Young Directors Award). Collaborations include the on-going exploration, Skye & Skye on Skye with dancer Skye Reynolds which questions what really is in a name.

Skye is Lead Artist and creator of the public art engagement strategy, ‘Q-POETICS‘, (poetry in queues), which premiered at the Sydney Writers Festival 2013, opened the Kelpies, was part of Cultural Programme for Commonwealth Games, Festival 2014. Q-poetics worked with Wigtown Book Festival to connect residents of Dumfries & Galloway through the bus tour for Spring Fling 2016. Q-poetics emerged from the public art engagement strategy, Making a Map of My Mistakes – working in places/spaces of waiting and with the New Victoria Hospital Glasgow.

Recipient of a New Writers Award for the children’s play, How It Became The Talking Stick, and FST bursary for her research into writing for performance, Skye’s residencies have included Playwright in Residence for Visible Fictions Theatre Co, out of which came the play for young people, Mish Gorecki Goes Missing (Tron Theatre), shortlisted for three UK awards. Touring her performance poetry abroad to Asia-Pacific, 2011-2013, she’s featured poet with the Sydney Morning Herald online app & Sydney Poetry Prize winner 2012. Her poem Glasgow (We’ve All Been Here Before) was commissioned for theatre, Whatever Gets You Through the Night (directed by Cora Bissett). Poetry publications include contributions Buying Into The Property Market (GRIST Anthology UK, editor Simon Armitage) and The Grin Of Our Choices, (Abridged Magazine, UK).

She works extensively as an artist-in-residence with a diverse range of community groups and organisations, and tutoring or collaborative group work includes work for Scottish Youth Theatre, Scottish Book Trust, NIDA (Aust), Artlink, Baltic St Adventure Playground, Word Travels (Aust) & Glasgow’s Arts in the City (young artists between foster care). Residencies include AWAL, in Alice Springs, Australia, working on intercultural exchange with Indigenous communities and Unplugged, (Federation of Scottish Theatre), Bangalore- and her upcoming research and development with The Tramway;s The Work Room, Glasgow.


“Loneragan is such a gifted and engaging performer, both in words and movement, that the quiet integrity of her unadorned staging finally comes to seem like a gift; in a show that talks of madness, but also of how women’s lives, honestly described, always tend to defy the norms of our culture – including our ideas of sanity and exactly what it might look like.”
– Joyce McMillan, Scotsman, THOUGH THIS BE MADNESS 2018

“In a kind of acute free verse rendering that might’ve come from Shakespeare were he alive today and on uppers, Loneragan poses provocative questions with the most vigorous, surefooted delivery imaginable.”

“It takes an artist of some budding genius to generate an idea this simple and this brilliant.”
– Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, UNSEX ME HERE

“…a colourful litany of love lost and found and the comforts of madness in the face off an all too serious big, bad world of adulthood. ….take your time to be small is Loneragan’s overriding instruction…”
– The Herald, Neil Cooper, THE LINE WE DRAW

“…no one notices that Mish Gorecki has actually gone missing. No laughing matter, and yet writer Skye Loneragan contrives, without being facile, to flip the potentially grim scenario of Mish’s messy existence into something genuinely life-affirming and hilarious to boot”
– Mary Brennan, The Herald, MISH GORECKI GOES MISSING

“A tiny, but almost perfect show….a haunting reminder of some of the big questions asked.”
– Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, CRACKED.

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Artistic Director

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A quirky, philosophical verse piece about the line we draw between art-forms and ages…

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Ampersand Cafe, Australian Poetry

Writing in situ, leaving anonymous poetry between the books on the shelves in envelopes labelled, ‘FOR YOU’.


Writer/Performer: Skye Loneragan, Director and Dramaturg: Hannah Buvik

A live art performance developed with the support of the then Scottish Arts Council (now Creative Scotland).

What does the Raised Calf have – Read more…

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